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Pikey/Summer of Like primer


Posted to LJ so you can read it properly here

So this is an updated pikey/summer of like primer. it’s pretty massive and i hope comprehensive, so yeah. Most of it is lifted straight from the wonderful primers of blushandrecover and iwritesins, with photos/away messages/tweets/blogs from nervousbreakdancer, crashqueen, and iamthemasterofthewicket. it’s pretty sad that i know this much/had the time to do this but w/e if i missed anything out let me know. I used real grammar and everything! It didn’t take as long as it looks to write (even though it’s over 4k words) but my sol folder has been building up for like 2 years. Anyway, here it is. if you see something that you found and i didn’t credit you, hit me up and i will do. 

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Reblogging again because i’m on a pikey kick tonight (what else is new) and this is my favorite primer ever. Also I haven’t posted on this blog in a while and need to start again. Also I’m credited (by my other url) and that makes me happy. :)

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